Catanello Store is one of the top fashion retailers in the world. All of our companies, each with their own distinct identities, are brought together by a love of fashion and quality as well as a desire to help consumers wearing clothes in the most and the best modern fashion.


To bring you the hottest trends around the world, our team works continuously. We anticipate fashion trends before anyone else and add more than a hundred new items to our website each week! We pay attention to what our customers want, constantly look for ways to innovate, and deliver the most sought-after styles as soon as possible. Making sure that the Catanello community always feels secure and included is our top priority. We have transformed the fashion industry and dominated the market. We serve all people with an interest in fashion. We have something to fit everyone, regardless of gender, personal style, or body type.

The goal of Catanello is still the same today: to give customers everywhere access to affordable fashion.


Catanello is founding since 2020. Catanello brought sexy clubwear and women’s jeans to the forefront of the affordable fashion industry after noticing a gap in the women’s clothing market. “We’ve revolutionised fashion by involving our customers in the process from concept to delivery,” claimed CEO. By interacting with our community every day to make sure we are providing what they need as quickly as possible, we ensure that we are staying ahead of the fashion curve and the competition. In a way that had never been done before, he invented the use of Instagram as a platform to connect and relate to customers. These initial successes paved the way for Catanello’s eventual success.

In London UK, Catanello debuted its first establishment; today, there are Two Catanello locations spread throughout Dubai UAE & London UK.

Registration Number is : 14488492

Also We Have More Than 2 Warehouses in China. 

The Managers Have introduced the brand’s online store in 2020, and it has since grown to be its most recognisable presence and the main source for customers in different areas of the world. collections have historically catered to a wide variety of body types. With more than 500k followers across all social media platforms, Catanello has established himself as a household name over the past 2 years. Catanello still offers premium looks at reasonable costs today, and it has a loyal social media following to go along with it.

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By engaging with our community every day, we stay ahead of the fashion curve and the competition….